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Section 5 | WEBDESIGN
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Bamboo Grid

As a webdesigner I like to make the Internet a more beautiful and functional place for both users and developers. By making lightweigth responsive websites that enrich overall user experience.

Bamboo Grid is a responsive HTML5 framework that helps you to create fast loading, functional and modern looking websites, blogs, portofolios, user interfaces and many more. It is build on two classes: rows and columns and is easy to customize. Bamboo Grid has multiple page layouts that suits a wide variety of media content: HTML5 video, mp3sound, CSS hover animations, full screen sliders etc.

I am stil working on the project but for now you can download the Starter Pack to start building your web projects. Or see my Demo of a Sliding Portofolio Template. For any questions on how to customize page templates, just let me know.