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Bamboo Grid


s a responsive HTML5 framework that helps you to create fast loading, functional- and modern looking websites, blogs, portofolios, user interfaces and many more. It is build on two classes: rows and columns and is easy to customize. I do recommend to try out Bamboo Grid and download the free Starter Pack. Or you can also purchase Bamboo Grid Extended that includes a complete set of grid layouts. If you need any support, just send me an email and I will get back to you.

Price: 40(US$)
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Bamboo Grid Extended
  • HTML5 Responsive
  • Bamboo Grid Extended
  • Grid Layouts
  • 12 pages html
  • Mobile First
  • author: Tino Djumini
  • Incl. support
  • Price: 40,-(US$)/ 400.000,-(IDR)

Grid Layouts

he key to modern webdesign is the use of grid frameworks. Compare it as the solid foundation for your wesite. Besides the ease of constructing your page layouts grid frameworks dramatically reduces production time. While the grid framework functions as the foundation, the grid or page layouts are the building blocks. similar to the idea of constructing a house or building. Other than frameworks like Bootstrap, Wordpress or , Bamboo Grid only uses a small amount of code.

Bamboo Grid comes with a variety of responsive grid layouts that can easily be customized. Thereby it allows you to integrate a wide variety of media content without the use of plugins: HTML5 video , mp3sound , CSS hover animations, full screen sliders and many more. It has a fancy Off Canvas Sidemenu for smaller Mobile viewports and bottom navigation to reduce vertical scrolling. All the layouts are designed with the purpose of showcasing your valuable content. The image, portofolio galleries are high quality as for the E-commerce Template, that makes online shopping never been that easy.
Bamboo Grid | Starter Pack 5 Grid Layouts | Price: FREE See the Demo
Bamboo Grid | Extended 12 Grid Layouts | Price: 40,-(US$)

See the Demo