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"Arts in Motion is a series of short documentaries that tell about the daily life and practices of contemporary Indonesian artists. Men, women, old, young, upcoming and renowned, all unique characters who share the same passion in their profession as a visual artist, fashion designer, architect, writer, photographer, animator and so on".

    Arts in Motion

    Director Tino Djumini
  • DSLR Canon, Full Frame
  • Colour Video
  • Size: HD Width 16:9
  • Documentary, Arts
  • Episodes: 8 minutes
  • ENG/ INA
  • Bank Central Asia (BCA)
  • Account: 0671767607
  • On behalf of Tino Sutrisno
  • Reference: Arts in Motion
  • Swift Code: CENAIDJA
  • Jalan Gurame 3L, No82
  • RT 01/ RW 001, Bambu Apus
  • Pamulang-TANGSEL, 15415
  • West Java, Indonesia
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Arts in motion


Arts in Motion shines light on people who serious make a living out of art and care about Indonesia culture in their own unique way. The series focus on the idea and process of creating artistic works and how to implement these concepts in society: paintings, photographs, fashion designs, novels etc. Hereby creating a platform for artists to share their ideas and experience with an audience in order to enhance understanding and appreciation of Indonesia arts and culture. "Arts in Motion" is an independent production developed by Spotlight New Media.

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Arts in Motion | Doc Series

Project Details

  • Start of the project: Feb. until Aug. 2018
  • Locations: Java, Lombok, Sumatra,
  • Medium: video, documentary, arts.
  • Duration 45 minutes. HD, colour.
  • Crew Members: Director Tino Djumini.
  • Production Spotlight New Media.
  • Sponsors IDFA, Hivos, Danone.

For inquiries related to this project please contact me through email.