Photo Relatives | 02

Relatives/ Kerabat

Portraits of contemporary Indonesian Families

These series has travelled throughout different countries: Singapore, Malaysia, New Zeeland, Netherlands, and recently on display at Johnson Museum of Art in New York.

A limited number of photographs has been acquired by: The Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal, Land- en Volkenkunde, Leiden and Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, New York.


    Middle class family

  • Camera: Mamiya 645, medium size
  • Black and White C-Print
  • Size: width 70 / height 60cm
  • Limited Edition: 10 prints
  • Price: 250(US$)/ 2.500.000,-(IDR)
  • Not incl. Shipping costs
  • Photography Tino Djumini
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  • Price: 250(US$)/ 2.500.000,-(IDR)
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Relatives | Middle Class Family